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The Thailand Film Office, under the Thailand Department of Tourism is responsible for promoting, regulating and supporting international film productions in Thailand. Films such as 'Hangover II', 'Tomorrow Never Dies', 'Only God Forgives', 'The Railway Man' and many others have filmed in the Kingdom of Thailand.
Now, the Thailand Film Office wants to find the next generation of film-makers who will bring Thailand to the screen.

History of the Thailand Short Film Competition

The competition is now in its sixth year. In total, over 200 aspiring film-makers have joined the competition, from over 30 different countries. Check out the Facebook page or YouTube to see some of the great films and incredible experiences that contestants have enjoyed.

Who is eligible?

We are looking for film-makers in pairs. You must have a partner who you trust absolutely. You must be engaged in a full-time course of study related to film or the media at undergraduate or equivalent level. You must be under 35 years of age. You must not have a criminal record, or have ever been turned down for a visa to Thailand. You must have access to a DSLR or digital cinema camera producing footage at 1080p resolution. You must have access to a laptop or other mobile computer with editing software. You must be available to join the mission from 9th July to 17th July 2018.

The Thailand Film Office will provide...

One return air ticket to Thailand for every film-maker.
Total of four nights accommodation in Bangkok to cover the start and end of your trip.
One van with driver for your time while not in Bangkok
30,000 Thai Baht for expenses during your mission.
One local assistant, who will travel with you and support you with translation.
Travel insurance.
Mission briefing in Bangkok.

Your mission.

To make a short film exploring  “Thailand through the eyes of foreigner (Way of Life/Culture/Tourism)”. We are looking for a fresh approach, using imagination, dramatic technique, and creative vision. You will have to find locations, actors, and use your talent to show your perspective on Thailand within the context of the region you have chosen. The character of your region may be found in unique geographical features, the culture, the people, the food, or the local products.

If you succeed...

The winning team will receive 300,000 Thai Baht, and there are eight runner up prizes of 30,000 Baht each.