Sukhothai province was once the kingdom and the first capital of Thailand 700 years ago.  The word 'Sukhothai' means 'the dawn of happiness'.  As the first capital of Thailand, it is one of the important and well-known cities among tourist for its long history.
Most of attractions in Sukhothai relate to historical backgrounds such as Phra Mae Ya Shrine situated in front of the City Hall, by Yom River.  The shrine houses the stone figure of Phra Mae Ya, and it is believed to house the spirit of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great whom is beloved by Sukhothai and Thai people.  Noen Prasat Phra Ruang or Sukhothai Palace boundary is the ruin of ancient brick building with lotus based figures.  It is believed that the area was once the pavilion of the kings in Phra Ruang dynasty of ancient Sukhothai.  This area interests tourists in its mystical and wonderful construction.