14th January - 22nd February - Call for Entries
22nd February - Midnight Bangkok time - DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS
6th March - Successful Applicants will be informed
10th March - Deadline for 'Social Media Plan' for selected projects.
25th March - All Teams to arrive in Thailand
26th March - Orientation Day
27th March - Official Send-off. All teams travel to their chosen locations.
27th - 30th March - Teams shoot and edit their films.
30th March - Teams return to Bangkok before midnight.
31rd March - Teams must submit their films by 12.00 noon
1st April - Screening and Judging
2nd April - Awards Ceremony
3rd April - All teams return home.


NOW - Read the following rules thoroughly, check the list of locations available, and prepare your application. Make sure you have a letter from your university or other proof of your current educational status. Pick a location and do some background research. Check out the online application form ahead of time. If you have questions, a quick way to contact the organisation team is via the Facebook page.

BEFORE 22nd FEBRUARY - Submit your on-line application form with the supporting materials. Don't leave your application to the last minute! You could suddenly find you have forgotten one element, or encounter upload issues, and you could miss the deadline.

WAIT FOR THE SELECTION ANNOUNCEMENT - Maybe a good time to check that you have a valid passport!

6TH MARCH - We announce the selected teams. We'll contact all selected teams by email. But the full list will be published on Facebook. If you are one of the selected teams, the first thing you'll need to do is confirm that you accept the invitation. If you don't do so promptly, your place may be given to another team. You will then have around two weeks to prepare for your trip. You may need to get a visa. You'll need to prepare your camera and any equipment you want to bring (Thailand is bright - don't forget an ND filter). You'll need to co-ordinate with the TSFC organisers to arrange your flights. During this time, it's vital that you are contactable.
You should not only start planning your shoot, but you should also create a PR plan.
This year there will be an award for 'The Best Social Media of the Festival'. See below for details.
And you should also prepare a 2-minute introduction to your team which you will present on the Orientation Day after arrival.

10TH MARCH - Deadline for selected applicants to send their 'PR Plan'. How will you promote your team's efforts on social media? This could be a photo-diary, a video diary, a behind-the-scenes documentary, a blog, a dedicated social media 'page', or a promotional strategy of your choice.  Which social media platforms will you use? How frequently will you add new information? When will you launch? (You should use the hashtag #TSFC2019 so fans can follow your news.)

26th MARCH
On Orientation Day, you will meet your local PA, and your adventure begins.



Participants may have to depart their home countries as early as the 23rd March, and may return home as late as the 5th April, depending on their home country. All teams MUST be available for this entire period. If applicants are required to obtain a visa, they may need to be available during the week beforehand to complete visa requirements in their own country.

1. Applicants must apply in teams of two.
2. Applicants must not be more than 35 years old.
In order to bring the challenge experience to the most amount of people, we cannot accept applications from anyone who won any award in the Thailand Short Film Competition in a previous year.
3. Applicants must be engaged in a full-time course of study in film, television or related media subject at undergraduate or equivalent level. They will be required to prove this at time of application.
4. All contestants must have a valid passport with six months remaining. They must not have a criminal record. They must not have ever previously been denied entry to Thailand. If for any reason, a contestant is denied a visa for entry to Thailand, his/her team will not be eligible to compete.
5. All contestants must be in good physical health, and have no existing or recurring serious medical conditions.
6. All contestants must be able to read, write, speak and understand English.
7. Contestants will supply their own camera and editing equipment capable of filming at 1080p 24fps with audio.

1. Completed Application Form
2. Resume/Profile of both team members
3. Passport copies of both team members
4. A written treatment for your concept of the film you want to make. (Full script not required at this stage.)
5. A link to a YouTube clip where you introduce your team to the judges and explain why your team should be selected to join this competition (maximum two minutes). Make it interesting!!!
6. A copy of your Student ID, or letter (in English language) from your college/university, showing that you are currently engaged in a course of study related to film, television, or other media-related subject.
7. A passport-type photo of both team members.


Living Eco, Living Thainess

An increasing number of world travelers want to engage in activities and journeys in a way that respects, conserves, and interacts sustainably with local cultures and environments.

Thailand is a land of great beauty, with a diverse culture, and appeal to millions of visitors each year. How can we preserve it for the future? How can tourism support rather than threaten the natural, historical and cultural identity of Thailand? We need you to explore this theme in a short film. Many travelogues have failed in this mission. We are looking for a fresh approach, using imagination, dramatic technique, and creative vision. You will have to find locations, subjects, and use your talent to unlock the secret of Thailand.

Each film should be based on one of the 55 Secondary Cities presented by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. Please note that contestants must base their short films on one of the fifty-five provinces but are not allowed to feature more than one province in their films. It is highly advisable that contestants familiarize themselves with the location of their film’s subject matter prior to traveling to Thailand.


1. The completed short film must be no less than five (5) minutes in length and no longer than seven (7) minutes in length.
2. Concept of the short film must be related to “Living Eco, Living Thainess”
3. The short film must be filmed at 1080p 24fps with audio.
4. The narration/conversation/monologue/dialogue has to be in English and have Thai subtitles or in Thai and have English subtitles.


1. All contestants will be required to behave at all times in a manner that is appropriate both in their own country and in the host country. If any filmmakers are found to be behaving in a way that is contrary to the laws of Thailand, the competition regulations, or in a way that is disrespectful or potentially damaging to themselves or to the competition or to the reputation of Thailand, they will be disqualified, and repatriated. Please note that any decision to disqualify is final, and is entirely at the discretion of the organizing committee.
2. All films are expected to meet legal standards in Thailand, and to uphold the values of Thailand and the competition. If a film is found by the organizers to contain inappropriate material, images, audio, or themes, the committee has the right to demand alterations, cuts, and/or to exclude the film from consideration in the competition. Such decisions are final and entirely at the discretion of the organizing committee. Your local PA can advise you regarding elements that would be inappropriate, for example showing monks engaging in improper behaviour, or using images of royalty in unsuitable circumstances.
3. All footage contained within contestants' films must be original footage shot by the contestants themselves. Purchased, downloaded, stock or previously film footage may not be included.
4. The rights to the music, symbol, logo and art work within contestants’ films have to be cleared. Contestants are solely responsible for ensuring that no elements in their films infringe upon any copyright or legal restrictions.
5. Copyright in the films produced by contestants as part of the Thailand Short Film Competition 2019 project shall belong to the Thailand Film Office. Contestants are permitted to use their film as reference of their work. Contestants are not permitted to exploit, screen or exhibit the films for any commercial purpose.
6. Title page and Credits
6.1 Five seconds (5) of title card
6.2 Two seconds (2) of black screen
6.3 The short film.
6.4 End credits
*** Credits at the end of each film are limited to a maximum of thirty seconds (30).
The thirty seconds (30) of credits are considered extra to the length of the film, and do not count towards the minimum or maximum required length of the film. The end credits must include names of filmmakers, production assistant, actors (if applicable) as well as the shooting locations and other supporters. And in addition, the logos of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, The Department of Tourism and The Thailand International Film Destination Festival 2019 must be presented. (These logos will be provided to you)
7. Contestants are also required to capture and document their filmic journey through the use of social media according to the contestants' own 'PR Plan' to be submitted before 10th March.


1. Each team will get two economy air tickets from their home country to Thailand. No stop-overs are permitted, and return ticket dates and destinations cannot be changed.
2. Each team will be given accommodation on their first two nights in Bangkok, whilst they attend orientation. They will also be provided with accommodation on their final two nights before returning home. On all other nights, teams must find their own accommodation. During the orientation day, teams will be given assistance in finding accommodation within their budget range.
3. Teams will be given a cash budget of total THB 30,000 (Thai Baht currency).
* This must cover all the team's costs of accommodation, food, location, talent and any other costs. We strongly recommend that teams also bring spending money.
4. We provide transportation (van with driver) from 27th March to 30th March. Fuel will be provided sufficient to transport teams from Bangkok to the first shooting location. During the shoot and on the return journey, filmmakers must pay for fuel. They must return the van with a full tank of fuel.
5. Emergency health insurance will be provided. This will cover all accidents and emergencies including repatriation if necessary. Please note that it will not cover existing medical conditions. If any filmmakers suffer from an existing or recurring medical condition or allergies, they are required to inform us whilst applying.
6. Each team will be assigned a local assistant. This will usually be a local student. They will help the teams to bridge any language difficulties and assist communications. Please note that they will probably have limited if any film production experience. Note also that in matters of safety, local customs, and local laws, teams must follow the advice and warnings of their local assistant.
*The cash budget will be paid to teams in two installments:
20,000 Thai Baht will be given on the Orientation Day
10,000 Thai Baht will be given after the team has submitted its completed film.


The judging committee will view all films on the 1st April.
1. Grand Prize will receive 300,000 Thai Baht
2. The 1st runner-up will receive 80,000 Thai Baht
3. The 2nd runner-up will receive 50,000 Thai Baht


In an environment where so many different content-producers are competing for an audience, promotion is more important than ever, and an increasingly vital skill for film-makers. Therefore we offer an award for the best use of social media to document and promote your film. Share your adventure with the world through the use of social media. You can start from the moment your team is selected. Invite your friends to follow your preparations and journey. Use hash-tags:

At the same time that your finished short films are being judged, we will also judge your social media campaign.
The winning social media campaign will win two nights accommodation in Thailand to be used on a future trip.