Services :
ACTS STUDIO provides large sound stage rentals on a 33-acre property, comprising 4 differently sized studios and 10 buildings with distinct features.
2 studios: 1,425 sqm
1 studio: 864 sqm
1 studio: 720 sqm
Underwater Stage: 3-meter deep with a dedicated underwater filming room
Core Strengths :
One-Stop Service:
The 10 buildings offer a variety of services:
Studios with diverse exterior settings for unique filming experiences
Costume and set equipment rental for cost-effective convenience
In-house design and set construction services
Partnerships for lighting, filming equipment, LED screens, and other services
Partner services for catering, beverages, and other conveniences
Recent Experience :
We aim to accommodate international-level productions with global standards, thereby attracting clients from abroad to carry out their projects in Thailand seamlessly and successfully.
Innovations :
Future Expansion: ACTS STUDIO plans to build the largest and unique 2,500 sqm and 3,000 sqm soundstages, production office, workshop, and backlot It will be the largest, most comprehensive, and exclusive studio facility, which is rare to find, in Thailand.

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Acts Studio



ACTS STUDIO, established in 2013 under The One Enterprises Limited (ONEE), a major content creator in Thailand’s media and entertainment industry with over 30 years . Spanning over 33 acres Acts Studio comprises 4 spacious soundstages and 10 uniquely designed buildings. The studio also features a Underwater Stage with a depth of 3 meters and specialized glass rooms for underwater shooting.

Aims for Filmart 2024

We aim to connect with producers interested in renting large-scale SOUND STAGES in Thailand and to promote Acts Studio’s in-house design team capabilities

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