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A leading provider of production services in Thailand
We are a one stop solution for international productions looking to shoot in Thailand. Our production services include: talent scouting, pre-production services, film permit assistance, film incentive applications, crew and vendor recruitment, accounting services and general management of the entire production process.

Ether’s Paradise

Feature Film
Completed but not yet released
Director : Martin Barshai
Cast : Erica Everett, Adam Neil
An American teenager catches her father in an appalling transaction while on vacation in Thailand. She runs away with a local fisherman boy named Ether, and together, they have a secret romance in a place hidden from the world: Ether’s Paradise. 10 years later, she returns to Thailand on a business trip with her father. While approaching, memories of Ether flood in.
Currently looking to submit the film to major festivals and looking for sales agents/distributors

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Operating for nearly 20 years, Benetone Films is one of the leading production service companies in Thailand. We’re the one-stop service provider for foreign productions looking to film in the region and beyond. We offer our expertise and professional resources for feature films, commercials, digital content, music videos, and other video productions.

Aims for Cannes 2022

We aim to develop relationships with foreign production looking to shoot in Thailand and sell our services as a preferred Production Services partner for their project to be filmed in the Kingdom.

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