DFF(Dead Friend Forever) the series

TV Series – 12 Episodes
Thriller / Drama / Comedy
Released in Thailand, but not yet released internationally
Director : Ma-Deaw Chookiat, Tuck Chantana
Cast : Ta Nannakun, Copper Phuriwat, Barcode Tinnasit, Jjay Patiphan, FuAiz Thanawat
A group of 8 university-aged close friends traveled to a vacation home in the forest to farewell Jin, who was going to study abroad. They found a 9th person hiding in the house. Phee, Jin, Top, Fluke, Tan, White, Tee, and Por all have to survive the mysterious killer in that house. Meanwhile, dark secrets hidden in high school come back to haunt everyone.
No.1 Trending on X Thailand – No.1 Scoring Drama on iQIYI (Ep.9)

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Be On Cloud Co., Ltd. is a fully integrated series and film production studio in Thailand. The word “Be On Cloud” in Thai means being or staying afloat above the cloud, exceeding and beyond expectations, as well as raising the bar for Thai series and films to be on par with international standards.

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