Lablae, Kaengkhoi

Feature Film
Thriller, Drama, Fantasy
In Development
Director : Pen-ek Ratanaruang (Samui Song, Headshot, Nymph, Invisible Waves, etc.)
“Lablae, Kaengkhoi” is adapted from the 2009 S.E.A.Write award-winning novel by Uthis Haemamool. It tells the secret and mysterious story of two brothers – Lablae and Kaengkhoi, and explores themes of truth and illusion.
One of Thailand’s most revered directors – Pen-ek Ratanaruang adapts the S.E.A WRITE AWARDS winning novel.

5th Round

Feature Film Documentary
Documentary, Action
In post-production
Director : Rawee Piriyapongsak
Cast : Muay Thai Boxers: Summao Petchpraguychan, Plaingern Sit Sornpichai, Chorfah Tor. Sangtiennoi ,Wanchalong PK.Saenchai
Set in Thailand, birth place of Muay Thai world’s favorite martial art and the most dangerous sport, ‘5th Round’ follows the story of five boxers at different stages of their life. What they all have in common is that that their whole lives have been dedicated to Muay Thai. Born into poverty, boxing is their only means of earning a living, and if they are to find a better life, they must fight right though to the very last round.
Upcoming release in 2023.


Feature Film
In post-production
Director : Ekalak Klunson
Cast : Thiti Mahayotaruk, Supitcha Sangkhachinda, Krongthong Ratchatawana, Karnpicha Pongpanit, Ukrit Willibrod Dongabrie, Sumitta Duangkaew, Manop Meechamras, Ray Mcdonald
A tragedy love story set in the dark underbelly of Bangkok. Som, the daughter of a sex worker, believes that love will lead her towards a better life. Ter, a young criminal, robs just to buy love that doesn’t exist. Redlife explores a world that is broken, ignored, and which offers no escape.
A great example of modern, reinvented Thai cinema. Upcoming release in 2023.

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BrandThink Cinema is dedicated to creating a motion picture ecosystem by allowing creators to convey their stories from a personal and authentic perspective. We are a hub for directors, production services, movies, series, documentaries and drama. 

Aims for Cannes 2023

We will present out Sales and Distribution line up for 2023 including ” Redlife”. We seek co-investment and sales agents for the European Market.  

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