Pit Babe The Series

TV Series – 13 Episodes
Drama / Action / Fantasy
Completed but not yet released
Director : Nopachai Chaiyanam
Cast : Pavel Naret, Pooh Krittin, Sailub Hemmawich, Pon Thanapon, Nut Supanut
Pit Babe The Series is BL, Drama, Action and Fantasy. There are 13 episodes that is about A young famous racer with special abilities falls in love with a hot nerd guy who asked to join the team. He later known that someone sent him to steal his power for illegal business. Exposure, revenge and betrayal happened at the same time, and he tried to save this love.
Good Feedback From BL Fans both Thai and Inter Fans. Social Talk: Trending in X globally for every episode from Episode 1 until the end. Spin of Project since 1st Broadcasting: Pit Babe Asia Tour 1st Fan Meet in Asia and Brazil.

One Night Stand

TV Series – 13 Episodes
Thriller / Drama
Released in Thailand, but not yet released internationally
Director : Chainarong Tampong
Cast : Pim Pimprapa, Esther Supreeleela, Punpun Sutatta, Ko Vasin, Bank Artit, Zee Pruk, Na Napat
One Night Stand is Drama and Thriller. There are 13 Episodes that is about Friends who called close friends could be someone you will hate forever. Because the truth may not be what you see.
Top Highest Viewership numbers for every episode on TrueID, totaling over 20 Million Views. Social Talk: Trending in X for every episode from Episode 1 until the end.

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Change2561 is Thai Drama Production Studio that aim to change for something new, and a better world. We offer a wide content on all platforms that reach all audiences.
Our Service is produced own original series that are “One Night Stand” and “Pit babe The Series”. Moreover, we are also commissioning to other digital TV and Platform ie “Only You I Need” in ONE31 , “The Wife” in WeTV etc.

Aims for Filmart 2024

Our aims are catch up and find out the new global platforms, distributors and clients. I would like to introduce our company to other company in other countries. Moreover, we would like to find out more opportunities such as co-production or commissioning with other countries.

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