The Interest (working title)

Feature Film
Romance Drama
In post-production
Cast : Vachirawit Chivaaree Urassaya Sperbund
When a handsome, cool, and mischievous debt collector falls in love with a pretty girl who has to work to pay off her father’s debts, he discovers a new feeling which may or may not be love.
Social Media Buzz with excited leading casts

My Love Mix Up!

TV Series – 12 Episodes
Romance Comedy
In production
Cast : Norawit Titicharoenrak, Nattawat Jirochtiku,l Puttipong Jitbut, Pathitta Pornchumroenrut
A belief that “If we write our crush’s name on an eraser, our love will be reciprocated” creates chaos when Atom borrows an eraser from Mudmee whom he has a crush on, and finds that she has secretly written the name of Kong Thap. Things get even more complicated when Kong Thap accidentally sees Atom carrying the eraser with his name on it, causing him to misunderstand that Atom likes him.
Social Buzz with the rising talent casts joining in the project adapted from the famous BL Manga.

Enigma 2

TV Series – 5 Episodes
In pre-production
Cast : Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, Jarinporn Joonkiat
When the play “The Bloom and a Thousand Bees” is in the remaking, it calls for a serious casting for female lead role. Now, anyone in showbiz scrambles for and it seems they will do whatever it takes. Thus, the watchful eye of a certain group looms over this audition. What no one knows is that there’s a dangerous secret lurking behind the curtain, and whatever black magic is called upon.
Be guarantee by the previous season awards.
– Best Cinematography (Drama or Fiction) and Best Editing (Drama or Fiction) From 28th Asian television Awards
– National winners: Best Cinematography / Best Editing / Best Promo or Trailer From Asian Academy Creative Awards 2023

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GMMTV Co., Ltd. produces various of contents such as Drama Series, Variety Shows, Music Programs, and Movies presented through both television and online media, recruiting and managing actors, singers, emcees currently more than 100 stars under the company, and also produces artists’ Official Merchandise and organizes live events and concerts.

Aims for Filmart 2024

– open opportunities on the new broadcaster and OTT platform for content distribution.
– reconnected with clients who attend at the Filmart.
– IP aquisition.

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