My Wife Gunslinger God

TV Series – 6 Episodes
Romance Comedy
In Development
A story about a couple in an arranged marriage with online gaming playing a significant role in their married life
Based on a novel “Dear Wife, From Beloved Husband?”, a bestseller from Sataporn Books, this series offers a variety of flavors

Lost in the woods

TV Series – 14 Episodes
Romance Comedy
In post-production
Director : Napassarin Prompila
Cast : Tonhon Tantivajakul as Fifa Varot Makaduangkeo as Hem (Third)
A story about a handsome and ultra-materialistic boy who is sent into the woods to prove himself, and an older man who has a painful past and isolates himself in the woods. They develop feelings for each other, but their limitations stand in the way, and they doubt their relationship can actually develop further.
“This series is inspired by a novel titled Rue Du Long Pa. Romantic & feel good series that will make your feeling along with the growing up of relationship between two man among beautiful nature.”

Khanika,this temple was built by prostitutes.

Feature Film
In pre-production
“””How much good karma must a sinner make to enter the gates of heaven?” “Is it true this temple was built on innocent money?””

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