TV Series
In pre-production

The Lake

Feature Film
Thriller, Drama, Action
Released in Thailand, but not yet released internationally
Director : Lee Thongkham
Cast : Aom Sucha
A story of a monster rising from the lake at Bueng Kan and aimed to attack a small village. When there is no help from outsiders, everyone in the village has abandoned their personal grief and turned to join forces to protect their village from the invasion of the monster.

5th Round

Feature Film Documentary
Drama Action
In production
Director : Nontawat Numbenchapol and Rawee Piriyapongsak
Cast : the real boxers.
“5th Round” is a documentary series with 5 episodes Set in Thailand, birth place of Muay Thai world’s favorite martial art and the most dangerous sport. But for Thais it’s more than a sport. Muay Thai is represent as a poverty sport that the poors fight against their fortune, battle to improve their cycle of life. This documentary will take audience on a journey of untold story of Muay Thai boxers under the boxing ring
in Production Process.

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Hollywood (Thailand) Company Limited



Hollywood (Thailand) Co., Ltd is an entertainment, content, acquisition, and distribution company, founded in 2014 by a group of professionals with a background in marketing, PR, distribution, and extensive network connections both locally and internationally. We will distribute film successfully and economically in the major markets. We will also proceed with budget management and conducting advertisements. Including promotions in cooperation with the planning, marketing, and advertising sections. We also provide public relations, concert, event development, and a wide range of support Co-Production Films and Series ,International Contents Acquisitions ,CLMV Projects “Myanmar”

Aims for AFM 2022

Want to meet content buyers that the company produces.

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