Long Live Love

Feature Film
Drama Comedy
Completed but not yet released
Cast : Araya A. Hargate, Sunny Suwanmethanont, Nopachai Chaiyanam, Niti Chaichitathorn
A film of comedy/drama genre made up of top lead cast. “When destiny plays a joke on them.”

Thunder Monk

Feature Film
Comedy Action
Completed but not yet released
Director :
Cast : Pramote Pathan, Pongkool Suebsung, Sananthachat Thanapatpisal, Carissa Springett
A film of action/comedy genre. “The striking phenomenon of 2023.”

Tid Noi

Feature Film
Drama, Comedy
Released internationally
Director : Teng Terdteng
Cast : Patchrapa Chaichua, Teng Terdteng, Ananda Everingham, Rusameekae Fagerlund, Somchai Khemglad
A film of drama/comedy genre made up of top superstars. “A love legend that has never been told.”
The number one Thailand box office hit of the year. Released in Australia and to be released in Vietnam, Malaysia and Brunei.

Company showreel

M Pictures Company Limited



M Pictures is one of the largest movie studios in Thailand with a renowned history. We produce/distribute 20-30 titles a year. Many of our titles contribute to the top box office hits in Thailand each year. We are also the biggest foreign movie distributor, working with studios from over the world; acquiring 50-70 titles a year. Additionally, we have expanded to our neighboring countries with distribution arms across South-East Asia.

Aims for Filmart 2023

We aim to promote our films to buyers from every continent. We hope to strengthen existing relationships and explore new opportunities.  M Pictures has a very interesting lineup this year; a number of great stories with international potential. We also plan to acquire numerous titles for distribution in Thailand, Laos & Cambodia.

Company showreel