Six Characters

Feature Film
Thriller Drama
Completed but not yet released
Director : ML Bhandevanov Devakula
Cast : Mario Maurer, Aff-Taksaorn Paksukcharern, Khemanit Jamikorn, Chaiyapol Julien Pupart, Taew-Natapohn Tameeruks, Hut-Jirawit Pongpaijit, Sakrat Ruekthamrong”
Shooting took place in a studio where Khamron was directing a horror film. During the shoot, powercut happened where everything went pitch dark. Mysteriously, a group of characters appeared claiming to be characters written by an author where the ending remains unfinished as the author unexpectedly passed away. The characters came to beg Khamron to complete an ending to an unfinished story.
This movie was adapted from the novel, Six Characters in Search of an Author by Luigi Pirandello.


Feature Film
Thriller Horror
Released in Thailand, but not yet released internationally
Director : Lertsiri Boonmee, Wuttichai Wongnoppadol
Cast : Nanon-Korapat Kirdpan, Cherprang Areekul, Nont-Sadanont Durongkaveroj
Dan, a photography student, has been trying to complete his thesis but hasn’t managed to pass. His lecturer decided to help him out and lent him an SLR camera. Unknowingly, the camera turned out to be deadly with mysterious dark power, anyone that gets their photo taken will encounter tragic death. After he realizes its dark power, he has to choose whether to go along with it or to defeat it.
A lot of international interest. Sold to many countries in Asia. The movie will be released in cinemas in Thailand on April 21st.


Feature Film
Comedy Horror
Released in Thailand, but not yet released internationally
Director : X-Watcharapong Pattama & Jack-Chaleumpol Tikumpornteerawon
Cast : Melik Efe Aigun as “Daeng”, Maki-Machida Suthikul as “Mali”, Arpaporn Nakhonsawan as “Grandma Wee”
A story set in the village where there’s wreaking havoc ghost child haunting the village. Villagers were terrified and believe that this must be handiwork of Daeng, the son of Nang Nak that the most respected monk didn’t perform ritual ceremony to set his spirit free. Everyone becomes anxious and try to find a way to release his spirit so that the village can return back to its normal state.
Social media buzz. Sold to a few countries in SEA. The movie will be released in cinemas in Thailand on March 31st.

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