Tee Yod 2

Feature Film
In production
Director : Kui-Taweewat Wantha
Cast : Nadech Kugimiya, Junior-Kajbhunditt Jaidee, Friend-Peerakrit Phacharaboonyakiat, Denise-Jelilcha Kapaun
In the depths of darkness, vengeance knows no bounds.
Tee Yod 2 serves as the highly-anticipated sequel to its predecessor, Tee Yod, which garnered an impressive box office of 500 million baht. This cinematic masterpiece has transcended borders as it was distributed to over 20 countries. Notably, it topped charts as the #1 Thai film in many nations.

Mana Man

Feature Film
Drama, Comedy
In production
Director : Tom-Piyapan Choopetch
Cast : Nine-Naphat Siamgsomboon, Oat-Pramote Pathan, Ja-Nongpanee Mahatthai
A story of resilience, betrayal, and the pursuit of redemption
Press release will be held on Feb 28th, which promises to ignite widespread anticipation and become the focal point of public discourse. Anticipated not only domestically but also on an international scale, particularly in key markets such as Vietnam and Taiwan.

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Major Join Film



Major Join Film Co., Ltd. is a distinguished Thai film studio specializing in the production of local cinema masterpieces. With an impressive portfolio of 10-15 films annually, our company consistently achieves impressive box office from multiple successful productions. Amidst this remarkable success, the pinnacle of achievement in 2023 was the blockbuster film “Death Whisperer” (aka Tee Yod).

Aims for Filmart 2024

In 2024, our strategic objective is to produce highly acclaimed blockbuster films that captivate audiences globally. Our overarching ambition is to showcase the diverse Thai cinema to international viewers, with a focused effort on enhancing our presence in the vibrant Asian market.

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