Taklee Genesis

Feature Film
Thriller, Action, Fantasy
In post-production
Director : Chookiat Sakveerakul
Cast : Peter Corp Dyrendal, Paula Taylor, Wanarat “War” Ratsameerat
Taklee Genesis is a time-travel adventure that takes place during the Cold War when a US military base in Thailand was testing the Taklee Genesis, a warp-speed teleporter even though it had not yet been fully developed. After the war, the Taklee Genesis was left behind in Thailand and was being illegally used by someone. The tag-line of this movie is “Faith, that’s what makes life meaningful.”
The first time film to be distributed in Thailand by Warner Bros. – The film was pre-bought by Prime Video for South East Asian region.

There Will Be Zombies

Feature Film
Horror, Action
In pre-production
Director : – Lee Thongkam ( Kitty, the Killer, The Lake, and The Maid.)
Cast : Peter Corp Dyrendal, Paula Taylor, Wanarat “War” Ratsameerat
There Will Be Zombies is a fast-paced zombie feature film similar to Train to Busan and World of War Z. The story occurs during the Songkran Festival, Thai New Year- when people become zombies when they splash water at each other. The film is now in pre-production, and the start principal photography will commence in November 2023.
This is the new film by the international acclaimed director Lee Thongkam (Kitty ,the Killer.) The project was pre-sold to Vietnam, CIS and Taiwan.

The X-Treme Riders

Feature Film
Drama, Action
Completed but not yet released
Director : Sor Sangchai
Cast : Kao Jirayu, Wawwa Nitcha
The X-Treme Riders is a fast-paced action drama about siblings desperately needing money for their mother’s treatment. Then the brother, who is the stunt performer, inevitably needs to be involved with
The X-Treme Riders is big budget fast-pace action film which rarely found in the Thai and international market recently. The film was pre-bought by Prime Video and will be launched in South East Asia in November 2023.

Company showreel

Neramitnung Film



Neramitnung Film Co., Ltd was established in 2021. We aim to present Thai movies to local and international audiences based on the concept that “just a snap of fingers can push Thai entertainment to the global level. Films which we have produced include 4 Kings (2021), Leio (2022), The 100 (2022), Inhuman Kiss 2 (2023), Doi Boy (2023), The X-Treme Riders (2023), and Taklee Genesis (2024).

Aims for AFM 2023

We need to license our content to international buyers. And we also seek to collaborate with international production companies to produce contents in Thailand.

The companies we are interested in meetings with include any international distribution companies who want to acquire Thai films.

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