Delivery Man

Feature Film
Thriller Horror
In Development
Armed with all the knowledge about his customers and the city where he delivers his packages, Guy makes a living by delivering packages for an online shopping store. A lonely man, soon he gets obsessed with a woman who is a regular on his delivery route.

Partner In Crime

TV Series – 10 Episodes
Thriller / Romance / Drama / Horror
In pre-production
Director : Vatanyu Inkavivat
A tale of two ambitious lawyers who recklessly find themselves entangled in a game of ambition, desire and secrecy amidst high-strung and high-profile political cases.

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Night Edge Pictures



Night Edge Pictures is a Bangkok-based film/series producer, sales and distributor focusing on the genre films (horror, thriller, action-adventure, prestige). We established in August 2022, starting from acquired titles from many countries like You Are Not My Mother, Moloch, Nocebo, Speak No Evil, Into the Deep, Huesera, Immersion and Talk To Me which is the highest grossing A24 film in Thailand.

Aims for Filmart 2024

This year we starting to produce our original films/series so we are looking for partners/investors on invest in our project and also sales titles in our hands.

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