Feature Film
Released in Thailand, but not yet released internationally
Director : Jumphot Rueyjaroensab
Cast : Jinthai Anthimanon / Pailinthira Colrek / Ananda Everingham / Paranyu Rojjanawuttitham / Akarin Akaranitimetharat
The mysterious moment when young people gradually disappeared. A young cop, Joe, pursued the truth of the case that most of the fashionistas were missing. A missing rising star who was found before disappeared was with Bobby, a young photographer who always acted strangely, changing sexual partners without repetition, and always disappearing without a clue.
Adaption from best selling novel “Sleeping under mist of star” by Prabda Yoon and ” Cypass Pine” by Jirat Prasertsab and the came back of famous director in 8 years Jumphot Rueyjaroensab.


Feature Film
In post-production
Director : Acting Sub Lt. Jetniphat Sasing
Cast : Nattapon Raiyawong / Chutiya Jiarakul / Ariya Buakong / Phornloet Phiphatrungrueang / Phichet Priabyodying / Natthaphon Nindonwai / Lura Chansri
A love triangle of best friends who fell in love with the same person finally caused black magic to be involved. This became a tragedy leading to a scary and never-ending revenge passing to the next generation.
Strong story line with the belief of the blackmagic.

Immortal Species

Feature Film
In post-production
Director : Acting Sub Lt. Jetniphat Sasing
Cast : Vachiravit Paisarnkulwong, Natouch Siripongthon, Ploy Sornarin, Phatchaya Piansamur, Biw- Nattapon Raiyawong, Kongnat Choeisuwan, Pornlert Pipatrungrueng
This thriller story begins when a herbal plant named “Chalawan” is sent to a senior botanical student. Wishing to learn about the origin of this rare “Chalawan” plant, he sets up a team of friends, to travel through the jungles of the west. As they travel deeper through the jungle, they find themselves in danger of becoming an ancient crocodile’s delicious meal.
This movie is a work of a team of Thai movie professionals. It is also built with solid cinematography and storytelling. The production team consists of special-effect and CG experts

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