Feature Film
In production
The story follows a group of teenagers whose end-of-school trip takes them to a coastal province in southern Thailand, a destination they had never known much about before. Little did they know that this journey would lead them to uncover a tale of past romance and decades-long waiting by a mysterious woman known as “Yai Sa.”
The Legend of Love in Krabi “Yai Sa.” Strong Story with scary elements

The Last Time

TV Series – 8 Episodes
Completed but not yet released
Director : Monthol Pakdeesuwan
Cast : Atiwat Kanchanapiwat, Piched Jongjaihan
Ryu, a talented writer, and Arm, the nephew of the company owner where Ryu works, start to develop a close relationship while interning together. Despite their initial disagreements, they have to collaborate on a project. Their relationship evolves to the point where Ryu, who is ill, decides to spend the remainder of his life with Arm. How will their love unfold?
Casts have a lot of fan club. Romantic story. Touching Emotion.

Universe of Love

TV Series – 5 Episodes
In post-production
Cast : Jirawut lamla-or (Tempo), Suepsakun Saelim (Koonchaing), Pongsakorn Amonnitiwat (Korn), Weeraphong Kanphakdee (Vee)
Nati, a young man from a different province, moves to Bangkok to live with Pruek, leaving Preuk captivated by Nati’s charm. Nati, while attending university, meets new friends Earth and June. They all join Professor Niti’s art club. Sun, Pruek’s close friend, secretly likes Nati and begins to pursue him. Follow the development of their relationships in the series “Universe of Love”
The introduction of more alternative genders, coupled with the Y series, has resulted in high popularity and continuous expansion of its target audience.

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