Haunted Universities: Second Semester

Feature Film
Comedy, Horror
Released internationally
Cast : Teeradol Suppapanpinyo, Sawanya Paisarnpayak
Every campus has its own horror tales. There’s an endless supply of ghost stories passed down from class to class, and three of the scariest tales will be told this time.
A strong release in Thailand and strong release in the ASEAN region

Khun Pan 3

Feature Film
Action, Fantasy
In post-production
Director : Kongkiat Khomsiri
Cast : Mario Maurer, Tono Pakin
In 1950, after the end of the 2nd World War, Thailand fell into poverty and economic hardship. Thugs and bandits ruled the upcountry while corrupted civil servants abused their power. “Khun Pantararajadej” (starring Ananda Everingham) was the only hope of a lawman who upheld justice. Khun Pan had been called to solve the case of three missing opposition MPS and hunted down the two “Most Wanted” bandits who were put on the death warrants. Bandit Mahesuan (starring Mario Maurer) and Bandit Dam (starring Tono Pakhin) were now famous and threatened the stability of the Government power. Especially, Bandit Dam who was strong in magic and held a vengeance against Khun Pan and wanted him dead.
a sequel to a very successful Khun Pan Franchise

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Sahamongkolfilm International Co., Ltd.



Founded in 1970, the company is the biggest production and distribution of independent film in Thailand. Well known titles are action movies like Ong Bak Trilogy and the Tom Yum Goong Franchise. Drama like Love of Siam and Crazy LIttle Things called Love are well known all over Asia too. We distributed blockbuster international titles like John Wicks, Parasites and Broker. We also have a library of 200 titles ready for licensing all rights worldwide.

Aims for AFM 2022

Expanding the sales into North America and Latin America.

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