Feature Film
Thriller, Mystery
In pre-production
Director : Puwadon Naosopa
Cast : Panuwat Sopradit, Mondop Heamtan, Thanatsaran Samthonglai
A young man in the Northeast of Thailand whose deaf sister mysteriously disappears on the day of the Phi Ta Khon tradition which corresponds to the mystery of a corpse with a severed mouth according to the ancient beliefs of “the Sripanta Family”. Will “Faith” help him to encounter his sister again?
Strong international sales

Flirt Milk

TV Series – 12 Episodes
Romance, Comedy
Released internationally
Director : Boonyathorn Kitiphattakon
Cast : Poohrin Pattanawiriyawanich, Kawich Sansai, Waiyakorn Wongkhakaew, Jayapol Chiewpitayakarn
When “NomJued”, a young man whose personality and life were as dull as the name suggests, bring coffee that someone forgot to the faculty. There he met a guy named “Pra-eak” whose personality and name are very different. And that was the beginning of the story of the stubborn protagonist and the sweet milky-boy.
International recognition


Feature Film
Action, Fantasy, Mystery
In pre-production
Director : Krittidech Sinjermsiri
Cast : Mondop Heamtan, Pangina Heals, Rinrada Thurapan, Suppanad Jittaleela, Kevin Ray, Anusith Sangnimnuan, Marie Eugenie Le Lay
Zen, a young boy gifted with special powers, have to choose the path of life between destroying the world according to the prophecy or proving to others that he can change the prophecy.
Strong International Sales

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Star Hunter Entertainment



Star Hunter Entertainment was created with the passion for supporting love, regardless of gender. Over 10 years ago, we became the first producer of Boy Love (BL) series in Thailand. Our most well-known works include ‘Love Sick the Series,’ ‘GEN-Y the Series,’ and ‘2 Moons the Series.’ The recent successful project in 2022 is ‘Big Dragon the Series’. We will always stand for the equality of love.

Aims for Filmart 2024

We aim to expand our work and enhance our reputation through licensing our intellectual property to international theaters, TV networks, and OTT platforms. We are eager to meet distribution companies and investors to further our goals.

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