Star Scope

TV Series – 12 Episodes
Romance, Drama, Comedy
In pre-production
Cast : Pie Saravut Nittayasuthi, Golf Pasatorn Lertsathitwong
Star Scope is Studio Wabi Sabi original series which has 12 episodes. A story of 2 boys who have a relationship more than friends but after that one of them just left without any words. One day, he came back with the illness and cannot be cured, so he wants to fix what he has done in the past and live together with his love until his final breath. “Khobkhate will be beside Khiang-Dao forever”.
Because this series has two versions of the ending (happy ending and bad ending), the feedback from the audiences and social media seems to be interesting about this information.

Fo(u)rever You Project

TV Series – 16 Episodes
Romance Comedy
In pre-production
Cast : Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote, Bas Suradet Piniwat, Maxky Ratchet Pichetshote, Ngern Anupart Luangsodsai
Fo(u)ever You Project is Studio Wabi Sabi original series which has 16 episodes. It’s a story about the 4 second years of Medical students who met the 4 juniors in the same university. And these 4 relationships have begun. The tagline is “4 Directions, 4 Relationships, 4 Stories.”
This series is the gathering of the talented actors like Earth, Bas, Maxky and Ngern. They have a lot of works that are well-known on social media.

The Vampire Project: To the Last

TV Series – 10 Episodes
Romance / Fantasy
In pre-production
Director : Siwaj Sawatmaneekul
Cast : Boun Noppanut Guntachai, Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong, Boss Chaikamon Sermsongwittaya
The Vampire Project: To the Last is Studio Wabi Sabi original series which has 10 episodes. It’s a Fantasy and Romance series. It’s a story about Vampire who was woken up by a human. They both have to find the truth about their backgrounds and have to go through many mysterious situations together. The tagline is “Human, Vampire, Death and Immortal.”
The Vampire Project: To the Last is a project that was released officially in Next Page: Wabi Sabi line up 2023 with a very positive feedback. For now, the pilot has 1M views on YouTube: Studio Wabi Sabi.

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Aims for Filmart 2024

Our aims for being a part of Filmart 2024 are to find the companies who are interested in making any co-project with us. To meet with the distributors who are interested in our projects. To find and work out about how to develop on international production in terms of producer or others.

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