Happy Bad Year

TV Series – 22 Episodes
Romance, Drama, Comedy
Released internationally
Director : Michok Rasdranuwat
Cast : Tonhom Suakuntala Peak Pattharasaya Carissa Springett
Three sisters who cannot get along well with one another but the bad fortune bring them to come back to live altogether and help one another solve problem of bad fortune year before they take one another to become unlucky or possibly die.
Tagline : Triple sisters, jinxed in sync.
Aired on Netflix in SEA territories

Blondie in an Ancient Time

TV Series – 22 Episodes
Romance, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
Released internationally
Director : Thanawat Thaengthong
Cast : Oab Oabnithi, Minnie Phantira Pipityakorn
The “golden-haired online seller” goes back in time to become a slave. In order to help the young slave to succeed in love with senior nobleman’s daughter, the only way is to redeem him free and make him wealthy. Fortunately, she has her special helper, that can find any information.
Tagline : A blonde with a phone is about to make history.
Aired on Netflix in SEA territories


Variety / Game Show
Released in Thailand, but not yet released internationally
2 Faces where celebrities meet their twin for the first time with identical face and voice, leaving you wondering which one on TV is real! They will sing, dance and challenge. And they spill those secrets the celebrities want to bury! Get ready for a wild ride as the celebrities unmask their doppelganger!
Tagline : Unmask AI Doppelganger!

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Workpoint Group, a highly functional independent TV content production company that has grown into a multimedia corporation, now operating the top digital television channel, Workpoint Channel. We’ve produced over 200 creative television entertaining shows in various genres, including game show, variety, talent, family, paranormal reality, comedy, drama, thriller, and sport.

Aims for Filmart 2024

Sell our contents [TV formats, series] to new territories in SEA countries as well as Asia countries including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, and so on.

We’re mainly focus on production company , and TV broadcaster to acquire our contents.

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