Services :
Our services include state-of-the-art soundstages and a comprehensive range of film equipment.
Previous work :
Bon Bini: Bangkok Nights
The Sympathizers
Kiss of the Con Queen
Bangkok Breaking
Core Strengths :
Our unique position as Thailand’s premier international standard soundstage provider, coupled with being the largest and most seasoned film equipment rental service in the country, sets us apart.
Recent Experience :
A significant highlight from the past year is our role in hosting a major US series, showcasing our facilities and equipment capabilities.
Innovations :
Over the past eighteen months, we have significantly upgraded our equipment inventory, including acquisitions like the Alexa 35, Sony Venice II, and the cutting-edge Skypanel X, among others, to bolster our service offerings.

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The Studio Park (Thailand)



The Studio Park is Thailand’s first International-standard production service provider meeting the needs for all feature film, TV and commercial shoots. Features five purpose-built international-standard soundstages, including Thailand’s largest at 2,400 sqm. As well as it’s sound stages, Features an integrated warehouse, back lots, indoor, and outdoor water tanks, bogie trains, and more.

Aims for Filmart 2024

We are eager to broaden our clientele to include productions from various Asian countries. It is our goal to forge partnerships with Asian production companies that undertake international projects, particularly those venturing to Thailand for production purposes.

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