She Comes At Night

Feature Film
Thriller Horror
In production
Director : Lee Thongkham
Cast : Praiya Sangkhachinda, Charada Imraporn, Panuwat Kerdthongtawee, Jetiya Naiwatanakun and Jirapat Uttamanan
‘She Comes At Night’ is a Horror film about the Thai classic ghost “Pop”. “Belle” is a recluse suffering from Hikikomori Syndrome. She decides to go on vacation to cure herself but the house she goes is haunted by the most terrifying of all Thai ghosts.
This will have a strong international sales with social media buzz. It recreates a classic thai ghost legend in a contemporary situation – an exciting new development in Thai horror.

We Are Here

Feature Film
Thriller, Horror, Sci-fi
In production
Director :
Cast : Jimmy Dempster (‘Walking Dead’), Ying Rhatha ,Esther Supreeleela, Pete Thongchua, Chin Chinawut, Namwan Kannaporn, Ake Ori, Maki Machida
We Are Here is a Sci-Fi Horror film about “Eve” a girl who survived an attack which murdered her parents. She was adopted by American couple and after many years, she returns to her parents’ house to find out what really happened.
With this cast list we have strong international sales and future social media buzz. As the first Thai film dealing with time travel, this is a new and exciting project.

Kitty The Killer

Feature Film
Comedy, Action
In post-production
Director : Lee Thongkham
Cast : Ploy Pailin
Kitty The Killer’ is a feature film, action comedy about a guardian of an assassin who happens to be a little girl.
With this cast list and a blend of Japanese and Thai style, it will have strong international sales, and a social media buzz as something brand new for Thai cinema. It marks the return of the Thai action film after an absence of many years. The action will be enhanced by the use of Hollywood-standard technology and CGI.

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