TV Series – 8 Episodes
Thriller / Action
In pre-production
Director : Cheewatun Pusitsuksa
Cast : Aokbab Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying, Gunn Svasti Na Ayudhya
Winn, a police officer is victim of identity theft until he was accused of serial killing! The murderer instead has become the police hunting Winn! Winn needs to fight to bring back his life and love.

Don’t Speak With Her

TV Series – 8 Episodes
Thriller, Drama
In Development
Director : Banchorn Vorasataree
Cast : Chris Horwang
In a relentless pursuit of vengeance, ONE WOMAN sacrifices everything, even her child’s life, to poison everyone before her secret plan is revealed.

666 Apartment

TV Series – 8 Episodes
Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
In Development
Cast : Pun Punsikorn Tiyakorn
Based on a popular Webtoon, showrunner Songsak Mongkolthong brings you the story of Mod, a struggling underdog. A mysterious old woman crosses her path and presents her job at APARTMENT 666. Restless ‘ghosts’. Her commitment binds, within these haunted walls. Curse lies in an extraordinary mission: aiding six tormented spirits in unraveling the knots that bind their lingering pain

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True CJ Creations



True CJ Creations has produced a wide variety of works that surprised audiences, such as Golden Tambourine, Crazy Market, Grandpas over Flowers, and Show Me the Money Thailand, and many quality drama series such as, Voice, Unlucky Ploy, Let’s Fight Ghost, Bad Guys, 23:23, Thank You Teacher, Start Up and many more.

Aims for Filmart 2024

To build up studio’s branding and meeting with new partners
To sell licensing & find additional investor for new original IP
To follow up on original production and syndication with partners from the ATF event.

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