Bangkok Darling

TV Series – 7 Episodes
In pre-production
Director : Daniel Smith, Stephane Lambert
With the dust settling on their youth and the kids packed-off to school, four glamorous expat mums claw back their lust for life by throwing themselves head-long into Bangkok life. It’s exotic, it’s outrageous, it’s… Bangkok Darling. Bangkok Darling is a sitcom about four thirty-somethings who were promised everything but have arrived at their ‘best lives’ to find something important missing.

Ethi Legacy: Family, Fame and Fortune

In post-production
Cast : Ma Thi Thi Thun, Siphyo Thun
The Film takes place in Myanmar where we share the Life of Thi Thi Win and her son Siphyo, a movie star. Thi Thi is the heir of her late sister, a very famous and influential fortune teller nicknamed ‘Ethi’. This film brings us deep into Myanmar, its main city and its countryside. We talk to Ethi’s followers around Asia. We learn about modern Myanmar and Asia’s society faith in fortune telling
in Production Process.

Lost in Mandalay

Feature Film
Thriller Fantasy
In pre-production
Director :
Cast : Parichart Borisute, Daniel Smith
‘Lost in Mandalay’ is the story of Fong, a young woman from humble origins who embraces chaos and stands up to tyranny to save her people from the machinations of greed and ignorance – a true Myanmarese heroine
Official Selection for Best Script from Cinema of Nations 2021 – Finalist for Best Script and Best Poster from New York Cinematography AWARDS (NYCA) 2021 – Official Selection for Best Script Fiction from Your Script Produced Studios: season 2 2021

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Wishtrend Ltd.



Wishtrend Thailand is an independent Production House based in Bangkok with activities in Asia and Europe. We produce and distribute Films and Programs based on original ideas we develop and format we acquire over time.

We produce and distribute, and also provide a large range of Production services in Thailand. We are also the creator of BKK DOC, Bangkok International Documentary.

Aims for Filmart 2023

We’re looking for partners to co-produce on the project we are developing and partners who are interested in the documentary film festival for our BKK DOC, Bangkok International Documentary Award and Festival.

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